Armor of God Part 6

The Armor of God
Part 6
    V. 15 “…and having shod your feet with the preparation of the gospel of peace;…”
•    Shod (5265)(Greek dictionary to the NT) Hupodeo:  to bind under ones feet
•    Gospel  (2098) (Lexicon) Euaggelion:  The Good News of Jesus Christ
•    Peace (1515) (lexicon) Eriene: peace as a Messianic blessing is that state that is brought about by the grace and loving mind of God wherein the derangement and distress of life caused by sin are removed. Hence, the message of salvation is called the Gospel of Peace.
When I hear the word shod I think of a horse getting shod. This is something that is bound to you. The word bind means to fix in place.  What are we to fix in place? The preparation…let’s stop here for a moment. Paul is trying to tell us to be prepared to do this. This is the thing that will carry us. Imagine being suited up, but not having foot coverings going into battle. Your feet would cause a distraction, you would lose focus and stumble and fall; rendering the armor useless.
Our feet are what carry us to and fro, what is it that we bring with us when we are about? It is supposed to be the gospel of peace. But how can we do that? By being prepared. We must make sure that we know what it is that we believe. We must make sure that we have faith that can move mountains. I think it is interesting that the meaning of the word peace here is a messianic blessing that is given to us by God through the salvation of Jesus Christ. We have touched on Christians walking with God’s joy in other studies; I think it’s worth mentioning here too. If we are trying to witness to someone about the gift of salvation, but we are showing with our lives defeat and grumbling than this is what the world sees and translates that into the meaning of salvation.
We are to shod (fix in place) our feet (the thing that carries us about) with preparation (the state of being prepared) of the gospel of peace (the message of the salvation of Jesus). If we are walking around grumbling about this and that like the world, then we are not fixing in to place on our feet the right attitude. We are given a messianic blessing from God that we are forgiven the sins of this life. This does not mean that we will not have troubles in this life, what it means is that we have an obligation to God to share the message with people. It’s hard to want to follow Jesus if the people that are supposed to represent Him look like the world; sometimes even worse. This is not the way that God wants us to be.
What is the significance of feet? I am still trying to figure this one out completely. The feet are referenced so many times in the bible I know that there must be some big message here. What keeps coming to mind is Jesus washing the disciple’s feet. This was an act of humility and service, so perhaps that is the meaning here; that we are to take this salvation message to the world in humility (meaning humbleness) and as an act of service. In any case, we need to be prepared. Have you ever found yourself in the midst of witnessing to someone and been caught off guard by a question that you were not prepared for? I’m not saying that it is possible to be prepared for every single question that people have; what I am saying is that we need to be prepared to share and be knowledgeable about the message of salvation. This is imperative for all Christians.
I just had another thought about the feet. They are our foundation; the “shoes” of a suit of armor are the foundation to that suit. And likewise, salvation is the foundation of our faith. So to make sure that we are fitted with the preparations of the message of salvation is one of the most important parts of successfully wearing God’s suit of armor.
So far we have learned that we are to be strong in the Lord (meaning to take up His strength), we learned that we are to take up the whole armor of God, not just part of it. We have learned that we are to stand firm against the false reality that the devil (meaning evil spirits) uses on this world. We learned that we do not war with people, but rather we are at war with the false reality that the evil spirits that are at work in this world. We are told again to put in the whole armor (not just parts of it) and to work at standing firm. We are told to keep ourselves from stumbling sexually, because this is a sin that we take into our own bodies (which is the temple of the Holy Spirit and the home of God and Jesus). And today we need to make sure that we are prepared in the foundation of our faith to be able to tell others about the gift of salvation through faith in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.
Just 2 more studies to go and then we are done learning how to properly wear the Armor of God. I hope that you all are being as blessed by reading this as I am by writing it. If you have any questions please send me a message. I will try to answer you as honestly as I can.
There will be no study for tomorrow. But I will be back in Monday to share with you part 7 of this study. And as always, God bless you till we meet again.


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