I Want to be a Scarred Warrior; Not a Wounded One!

I Want to be a Scarred Warrior;
Not a Wounded One!
    What is the difference between a scar and a wound? Healing! Our scars are there to remind us, of the things that we have been saved from, the things that we need not do again, and the things that made us victors or victims in this life. For some of us we are tearing open our scars and keeping them wounds instead. We do this every time we let hurts keep us from doing God’s will. We do this when we give in to temptation that God has delivered us from. We do this when we let the things of our past mold and shape our current life. We remain victims, we leave the wounds open and let them get infected. I want to be a scarred warrior for God, not a wounded one.
    If I am wounded I am in pain and am distracted by the pain, I am no good to fight. All I can focus on is the pain. When we are wounded we need to focus on healing. Of course I am speaking metaphorically here. The wounds that I am talking about are the hurts of this life, the distractions, and the attacks from the enemy. We can be victims or victors; it’s a manner of mindset. If I tell myself that I am a victim of Joe’s rumors, if I tell myself that I am a victim of Sally’s anger then I can make myself feel better about being mistreated. Also I can take the focus off the part I may have played in either situation. We make ourselves victims; this is the way of our culture. This person did this because their parents didn’t love them enough, that person did that because he was bullied 20 years ago. I am not saying that our past doesn’t mold us and influence us. What I am saying is that our past shouldn’t control us.
    I don’t want to be wounded by my past, because this would imply that it still has control over me. I want to take those wounds FROM my past and let Jesus heal them and be a scarred warrior for Him. My scars remind me of where I HAVE BEEN, NOT WHERE I AM. Scars remind, wounds bind. I do not want to be bound to my hurts, pains, rejections, and betrayals. I want to be reminded of all that God has done for me. I can look upon each and every scar I have in my life both physical and emotional and say, “God has been so good to me; He has delivered me from the lion’s den to His grace and mercy!”

    When you see men and women who have taken two, three and more tours during wartime you see people that are scarred warriors. These are people who have survived battles and learned each time from the wounds that they received what to do and what not to do the next time they are in battle. This is what keeps them alive. This is how the Christian warrior needs to be. We need to take each new day (tour) into the battlefield (our lives) and learn from yesterday’s scars. End each day with inspection of our armor and see where the armor may be weakened. We need to spend time in the word every day so that we have the sword (our only weapon) sharpened and ready to defend the gospel that we are to spread. We need to be prepared every single second of our lives to be able and ready for the battle. We cannot be effective warriors if we are tending to wounds.
It’s time to let God heal you and it’s time for us to let go. Stop allowing ourselves to be of a victim’s mindset, start claiming the victories that God gives us. Be bound to your deliverer, not your destroyer. When we focus on our wounds we focus on the things that wound us. If we are focused on those things then we are not focused on the One Who is able to heal us and deliver us according to His promises. So we ALLOW ourselves to stay wounded instead of scarred. This makes us wounded warriors.
Take this time and meditate on the words that have been spoken. Take the time to examine your life and see if you are walking around as a wounded warrior, or a scarred warrior. If you test yourself and see that you are still tender in areas, than ask God (with a true heart) to heal you. Galatians 6:9 “So let’s not get tired of doing what is good. At just the right time we will reap a harvest of blessing if we don’t give up.” (NLT)

As always, God bless you till we meet again…


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