Trying To Be Famous

This is so inspiring I just thought that I would share it!

All My Roads

I live on the fourth floor of an apartment building in the heart of a quaint town along the coast of New England. This leaves few things to be desired, but I do miss having even the smallest of yards in which to observe nature from my window each morning. Because of this, I purchased a bird feeder to hang on my fire escape. With great zest and enthusiasm, I hung the food feet away from my window on a gorgeous Sunday morning. For the next few days I sat at my desk writing and marveled in the serenity of having, that’s right, absolutely zero birds partake in my feast. I can hear Wendell Berry snickering from 800 miles away.

In and of itself, this isn’t necessarily surprising. To a bird, a fire escape with an enthusiastic human in large rimmed glasses sitting next to it must look like some…

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