How Do You Triumph When You Are Persecuted Because of Your Faith?

How Do You Triumph
When You Are Persecuted
Because of Your Faith?

1.    Thank God that you are seen by the enemy as someone who is a threat to him. Would he bother with you if you were living for him? NO! You are only a threat if you are living for God according to His will! So keep on keeping on!
2.    Make sure that what you are being accused of is not true!
We can make ourselves victims so easily. Sometimes we abuse our “title” of being a Christian. If you are not walking according to the word than guess what; you are not being persecuted for you faith! You are being persecuted for being a hypocrite of your faith! Make sure you get this part right before moving on! Because this is a whole other topic…
3.    Seek like-minded believers. You will need their comfort and strength to get you through. You must come together for prayer and petition the Father for wisdom.
4.    Spend time alone and seek God’s will. Where do you find God in the good times? That’s right where you will find Him in the bad! When we suffer we are idle. I say to you this, find God in your happy place, and praise Him in the storm. Worship Him with your brokenness as well as your wholeness 2 Cor. 12:8-10 tells us that when we are weak, then Christ in us is strong. Why? Because when we rely on our own strength we are using the strength of a mere human, with all our frailties and imperfections. But within us is the power of God almighty! We need to see ourselves for what we are, weak broken vessels that are held together by the grace of God. He is our strength, let’s rely on that strength.
5.    Enter His courts with praise and thanksgiving. Scriptures tell us to enter His courts with praise (Ps. 100), this means all the time, every time. Whether we are whole or broken, we enter into His presence with praise and thanksgiving.
6.    Pray with a true heart, not a conditioned one. If the only time we delve deeply into prayer is in the really bad times than by human nature prayer is conditioned within us as a bad thing. The human mind is a complex machine, a computer if you will. We can program this computer by repeating an action over and over. So if I never talk to God through prayer in the good times; but rather I only go to Him in prayer when things are bad than my mind is being programmed to think that prayer is bad by association. Same rule is applied to using prayer as a personal genie lamp. By this of course I mean that if the only time we go to prayer is when we need something, or want something, than we are conditioning our minds to thinking that God is our personal genie in a bottle. We condition our minds to thinking that prayer is a means to get something instead of it being our way to communicate with God.
    Let’s talk more tomorrow on this subject of conditioning and the human mind.
As always, God Bless you till we meet again…


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