Creativity: Nurture or Nature?

Let’s all participate in this discussion, this is how we “sharpen” one another!


Creativity—are you born with it, can it be learned, or is it a combination of both?

For the longest time I opted out of calling myself creative.

I’ve always been fascinated with the human body and spent most of my 20s as a science geek, in the lab, conducting research, chasing after my PhD. As far as I was concerned, creative minds belonged to artists, writers, musicians … ie, “fun and spontaneous” people. Nerds like me were labelled analytical, procedural, practical, plus any other “–al” you care to attach.

At the time, I didn’t fully understand or appreciate that success in graduate school required immense creativity. Publishing original work is all about generating new ideas and discovering unique systems. It requires great storytelling and building a body of work that makes you an expert in your chosen field. Now tell me that isn’t creative!

Today, I find myself in the workplace…

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